About Us

Tathwamasi is a leading provider of agile data analytics, strategic management consulting, and training partnerships for organizations. We are a top team of data expert that shares the passionate to empower growing companies with the power of data. They have all the necessary technical skills, knowledge, and expertise to prove their ability and agility. Tathwamasi is proud to claim to be a place that has one-stop solution for companies which want to flourish in contemporary data-driven world. We can empower your company sail through the technological revolution starting with the basics of helping your company identify its key data collection points, to converting that data into a powerful tool for growth. We have been doing it consistently for quite a few years now!

Why Choose Tathwamasi?

We have quite a few strong reasons that influence our clients to reach us without any doubts or hesitation. A few of those reasons include the following:

  • Team of qualified subject matter experts
  • A dedicated passion to serve businesses
    that have potential to grow
  • Cumulative experience of 50+ years to help
    industries/businesses well
  • Practical business solutions
  • Proven track record
  • Strong willingness to serve more and more
    businesses worldwide

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