/*--> First Hawaiian Banks international SWIFT code is: Yes, we offer money orders and Official Bank Checks, which are like cashiers checks, and are considered guaranteed by the full faith and credit of First Hawaiian Bank. If you do not have internet access, you can call: [CDATA[/* > Then, click on Account Details. /*-->*/ Routing Number: The routing number consists of nine digits printed on the bottom-left corner of your check. WebDomestically, First Hawaiian Bank (FHB) uses Fedwire, which is a funds transfer system operated by the United States Federal Reserve Banks. The sender will need the following information: Yes. /*--> Do your business banking wherever you are, whenever you want. What if I dont want FHB to pay my checks or bill payments into overdraft? [CDATA[/* > Can I upgrade my airline ticket to Business Class or First Class? ]]>*/ /*-->*/ If your check is deposited at First Hawaiian Bank, a digital image will be captured, and the original check will be destroyed for security reasons. Click on the Statements link found at the top of the page. Yes, if you are planning on traveling with your credit card please contact us at 1-800-342-2778 or login to FHB Online Banking and go to Settings then Security & Alerts to submit a Travel Notice. are also not eligible. What is Savings Overdraft Transfer Service? To order check copies, sign in to Online Banking, and visit the Customer Service TAB. Guam: 121405238. First Hawaiian Banks ABA number is 121301015. WebThe routing number for Bank of Hawaii for domestic wire transfer is 121301028. ]]>*/ I opened my account online and need help with my checks and debit card order. Alternatively, you may use our mobile banking serviceor contact our Customer Service Call Center at 1-888-844-4444. [CDATA[/* > You can redeem your Priority Miles by visiting FHBDestinations.com. Need a First Hawaiian Bank routing number? /*-->*/ If you want to order a debit card, complete the Debit Card Application. Your account will be debited on the date the transfer is initiated. My Credit Card was lost or stolen, what do I do? With your First Hawaiian Bank account number and the banks routing number or a voided check, go to your employer or the funding entity and request direct deposit. We can help you take advantage of the speed and efficiency of electronic payments and collections available through the ACH network, giving you better control over the timing of payments that post to your bank account. Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge) for the best experience. All of our First Hawaiian Bank consumer and small business debit and credit cardholders are automatically enrolled in Mastercard 3D Secure 2.0 as a security measure for our customers. The standard deposit insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor for each account ownership category. /*--> [CDATA[/* >*/ Wire transfers initiated after the Cutoff Time are processed on the next business day. [CDATA[/* >*/ You need the following information to wire funds to a foreign bank: You need the following information to wire funds to a domestic bank: Yes, we buy and sell all the major foreign currencies and some exotics. Once you accumulate enough CashPoints, you can redeem them for your choice of rewards like gift cards, airline travel, hotel accommodations, cruises, even cash! For example: Direct Deposit: First Hawaiian Bank credits your account on the day the deposit is scheduled to occur. You can contact the Bank if you want to opt out of overdraft services for checks and automatic bill payments. [CDATA[/* > A new page will appear. /*--> Transactions must be posted by the end of the program year (October 31st) to be included in the annual statement credit. /*-->*/ There is no cap on the amount of CashPoints you can earn per year on your personal Priority Rewards account. All Routing Numbers of First Hawaiian Bank Saipan A routing number is a nine digit code, used in the United States to identify the financial institution. First Hawaiian Banks international SWIFT code is: FHBKUS77. FDIC insurance covers all types of deposits received at an insured bank, including deposits in a checking account, savings account, money market deposit account or time deposit, such as a certificate of deposit. You can participate in First Hawaiian Banks Go Green effort by selecting the eStatement only delivery preference for your statements. It's based on the location of the bank where your account was opened. In most cases, a direct deposit is the fastest and easiest way to get funds into your account. What if I have multiple FHB accounts, do I need to set alerts for each card? Can I still overdraw my account if I have Yes-Check? Honolulu, HI 96805. The format of check transit number XXXXX YYY The first 5 digit is called branch transit number and identifies the exact branch of the bank. WebThe routing number for First Hawaiian Bank is 121301015. If you are able to authenticate your purchase using this method, the charge will go through. If you enable card alerts, you may also enable other types of alerts at the same time. This improves the efficiency and safety of the nation's check payment system. Notary services are available by appointment only at most branches between the hours of 10am - 11:30am. To transfer your CashPoints, please log on to the website at, The Priority Rewards[[SM]] Credit Card earns you one (1) CashPoint[[SM]] for every one ($1) dollar of net purchases. Copies of cancelled checks are available for up to 7 years from the date they are posted to your account.
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