Ta Thwam Asi is sanskrit phrase, translated variously as “That art thou,” “That thou art,” “Thou art that“, “You are that” or “That you are“. It is one of the Mahāvākyas in Vedantic Sanatana Dharma . It occurs in Chandogya Upanishad 6.8.7 & in Ganesh Atharvasish.

The meaning of this saying is that the, “Self – in its original, pure, primordial state is wholly or partially identifiable or identical with the ultimate reality”. That is the ground and origin of all phenomena.


Organizations and professionals aspiring to transform their business by digitizing their existing data, seeking validation of their business models, analyzing their business performance, identifying new opportunities, building robust data models, eventually making data-based decisions for infinite growth.


Our Values

  • Process driven behavior
  • Ethical & transparent approach
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Practical & result oriented

We exist

To completely identify with our customers, build ethical & transparent relationships, offer practical solutions with our expertise, transforming their businesses to become a data driven organization.

We help in…


  • Data mining, data classification, data cleaning,
  • Pre & post analytics dashboards


  • Analyze & study the current levels of data literacy
  • Customized consulting services in data science process


  • Build data driven organization
  • Drive data strategy
  • Be data confident


  • Identify business challenges & opportunities
  • Channel & sector Specific focus
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