Ask Zia Conversational AI

Have you ever wished of hiring a personal assistant who can provide you with all the business data that you may ask for at any time you need? That’s exactly what Ask Zia does. It is an AI-powered analytical assistant that can help you with amazing perfection.  You just need to Ask Zia questions and get powerful insights as answers.

Ask Zia uses natural language processors and machine learning to understand your questions and then answers them with perfect visualizations. The answers appear with the right illustrations that it gathers or creates with amazing swiftness and perfection. Before you ask questions to Zia, you must connect your workspace and connect it to Zoho CRM, Zoho Perks, and Zoho Desk. After that, click the Ask Zia option from the left Navigation Part. You can ask Zia any question in plain English and that will make Zia start working and come up with the right visualization. The AI-powered tool has the capacity to learn and analyze all the questions properly, prepare the answers with the right and the most appropriate visualization. The right-hand side of the display shows how the report is reached by Zia.

Zia only requires to-the-point questions so that it can fund the right answers, visuals, and the ways it reaches the results. You may find various illustrations on the screen with changing answers. You can even find an appropriate caption for the illustrations that appear on the screen. You can even ask Zia to represent a particular display with a specific chart. Zia responds faster to meet your request. Zia understands and identifies the typing mistakes or ambiguities and that it can take care of using the right word even if you commit a typo anywhere in your request or question.   Apart from typing your question, you can even record your question using the voice recording option. To use it, you just need to turn on the ‘Mic’ option.

So, you see how easy and smooth it is to use ‘Ask Zia’ to sort out your queries and other search requests related to your business data. You can always feel safe and secure while using Zoho Analytics due to these amazing facilities.

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