Business App Connectors

Apart from the other advantages of Zoho Analytics, it is always good to find another big advantage in the form of Business App Connectors. The Analytics offers this superior facility that the users can avail of when they need to connect with some other popular external app connectors. This facility allows the clients to utilize the Advanced Analytics Connectors for a wide range of business applications.

With this facility, the clients can analyze their business data using the dynamic and cool visualization options available in Zoho Analytics. Here, the experts talk about multiple integrations that come with a complete set of exclusive domain-specific default reports and dashboards. The dashboards help the users to analyze their key performance metrics immediately. Apart from this, you can also create dynamic reports and dashboards.

Zoho Analytics has created and trained Ask Zia, a specific software, with domain-specific skills for these Business Apps Analytics. The clients can ask questions to Zia and get answers to their questions appropriately.  With this feature, Zoho Analytics allows the users to connect with various platforms, like FB and its campaigns so that they can see the key metrics of the campaign. With increasing challenges, modern businesses can always get the right facilities with the special facility of Zoho Analytics.

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