With a strategic and data-driven approach, Tathwamasi consults with Mid-sized organizations to increase their productivity and overall ROI using data techniques.

We offer custom solutions to mid-sized organisations facing data-specific challenges. Our methodology for performing primary research on voluminous data equips us to provide insights which matter to your business. Our promise is to use unique ways to optimise internal processes upscale your businesses.

  • Gap Analysis:

    We run a gap analysis for the organization using our expertise to highlight shortcomings and opportunities for improvement which will determine how to best achieve the desired business goals.

  • Strategic Business Planning:

    To bridge the gap, we devise a strategic business plan that boosts effective decisions for the expansions, productivity and seamless integration of processes within the organization. We identify potential opportunities and threats, analyse business problems, apply cost benefit analysis and brainstorm for potential solutions.

  • External Data Planning:

    External data is defined as all the data outside the organization’s operating system. We help define external data to analyse the organization’s customers, evaluate market share, compare actual results to plan, etc.

We consult with Mid-sized organizations to enable them to compete in today’s big data world and keep up with their larger competitors.

Basis the organization’s data curve, Tathwamasi’s offers custom solutions for analytics and consulting in three stages:


Basic: (आधारभूतस्तर)

Identify key Organisational Insights:
  • Data unavailable in any form/type in digital format
  • Manual data to be mapped on digital
  • Sales and Marketing team is workforce driven
  • Finance Team is the Chartered Accountant
  • Internal MIS is not in place
  • No usage of any accounting/CRM software
Our Solutions:

With a process-driven approach, we provide result oriented practical and effective solutions to your organization.

  • Data audit
  • Identify, create & map useful data points
  • Build customized MIS formats for future reference
  • Create MIS modules, presentation templates and formats on Microsoft Excel, Power Point
  • Clean and help upload data electronically for ease
  • Recommendation and implementation of software for data warehousing and maintenance


Intermediate: (मध्यमस्तर)

Identify key Organisational Insights:
  • Partial/limited/incomplete data available in electronic format
  • Access to available MIS at individual functional levels
  • Manual cashflow and vendor payments relies with Finance Team
  • Dependency regarding financial matter lies majorly with the Chartered Accountant
  • Partial usage of Accounting & CRM softwares
Our Solutions:

We define your business goals and targets to achieve the desired goals by performing:

  • Data audit
  • A detailed study and gap analysis for each functional matrix and measures
  • Identify, create and define data sets and relevant matrices
  • Build seamless integration across MIS reports and data formats
  • Clean and help upload data electronically for ease
  • Implementation of existing available software
  • Create MIS modules and presentation templates and formats on Microsoft Excel and Power Point
  • Recommend, provide & implement Business Intelligence software’s for dashboards & presentations


Advanced: (विगाढस्तर)

Identify key Organisational Insights:
  • Unorganized data in electronic form
  • Evolved MIS and Business Intelligence tools in place
  • Structured Finance team
  • Analytical software & tools to be sourced
Our Solutions:

We redefine your business with data, strategy and intelligence. Our solutions include:

  • Data audit
  • Detailed study and gap analysis for each functions matrices and remedial measures
  • Identify, create and define data sets and matrices for future projections
  • Define business problems and objectives with the management team
  • Recommendation, provision and implementation of Analytical Tools for Advanced Analytics

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