Data Analytics For All


  • Post Graduate Students in Engineering Management & Technology
  • Working Professionals in Marketing, Sales , HR , Operation, Finance



You will receive ..

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Collaborations with Institute/Organization.
  • Data Literacy Assessment Score
  • Career Coaching & Guidance

Extended Sessions

  • Live & Interactive Sessions
  • Additional Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Higher Learning Curve

Practical Approach

  • Hands-on Live Sessions
  • Step-by-Step Methods
  • Case Study Based Methodology


  • Only 30 participants Per Class
  • 100% Hands on Session
  • Renowned Faculty & Industry
  • Expert
  • Free, Easy, Open Source
  • Software & IDE’s- Google
  • Collab,-Python , SQL / MS-
  • Office.
  • No Prior Data Science /
  • Analytics / Programming
  • Statistics / Computers
  • Knowledge Required
  • Real life Data Sets & Capstone
  • Projects
  • Quizzes & Assignments
  • Soft copy for all Learning
  • Materials provided

Tools & Software



The Data Analytics Landscape:

  • Companies Using Data
  • Importance of Data Analytics
  • Case studies

Data Science Foundations:

  • What is the Data science
  • What is Big Data?
  • Tools for Data Science
  • The Data Science process
  • Data Science Roles &
  • Responsibilities

Machine Learning Foundations:

  • What is Machine learning
  • Difference between ML vs AI
  • Importance of ML
  • Scope of ML
  • Application of ML

Emerging Trends in AI & ML:

Data Literacy:

  • What is Data Literacy
  • Data-driven Mindset
  • Data-Driven Culture

Types of Data

  • Quantitative
  • Qualitative

Describing Data Types

  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Measures of Variation
  • Frequency Tables & Relative
  • Frequency

Association in all Data types

  • Categorical & Numerical
  • Categorical
  • Numerical

MS Excel for Intermediate level

  • Enabling Analysis Tool
  • Conditional Formatting

Data Mapping

  • V Lookup
  • H Lookup
  • Index
  • Match

Data Aggregation

  • Create Pivot Table

Data Visualization

  • Create Charts & Graph
  • Scatter Plot
  • Pareto’s Graph
  • Mathematical Formulas

Assignment on MS Excel

SQL database for beginners

  • Creating Tables in the database
  • using SQL
  • Drop table from SQL database
  • SELECT Statement use with SQL
  • database

Data querying

  • “WHERE” Clause use with SQL database l
  • Data querying operators used with Where clause in SQL database
  • Data querying “AND & OR“used with SQL database data querying
  • Like use with SQL database data querying l Filtering Operators use
  • with SQL database data querying “ORDER BY” used with SQL
  • database data querying l LIMIT use with SQL database data
  • querying DISTINCT use with SQL database data querying. Renaming Column in SQL database
  • GROUP BY & HAVING Clauses use with database data querying Time & date data in SQL in database
  • Table Joins in SQL database
  • INNER and OUTER Joins in SQL database
  • UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT and EXCEPT Clauses use with SQL database data querying

Sub-queries use with SQL database data querying

Starting with Zoho

  • Account Setup
  • Basic Concepts of Zoho

Data Integration – Connect

  • Import Data
  • Files l Feeds
  • Cloud Database
  • Local Database
  • Zoho apps
  • Business app

Prepare Data with Data 5.0

  • Data type
  • Data Prep during Import
  • Data Quality
  • Prepare Data
  • Data flow
  • Query Table
  • Import – Export Data

Augment your analysis with AI

  • Using Ask Zia
  • Construct Question
  • Conversing with Zia
  • Training Ask Zia

Visually analyze your data

  • Create Charts
  • Create pivots
  • Create Summary view
  • Create Tabular View
  • Create Dashboard

Sharing & Collaborate Embedded BI Assignment on Zoho

  • History of Python
  • Why is Python Popular ?

Getting Started with Python

  • How to Install ?
  • What is an IDE ?
  • Using Google Collab

My First Code

  • Data Types & Variables
  • Operators
  • The Three Loops – If / While / For

Data Structures

  • Lists
  • Directories
  • Tuples
  • Matrix

The Libraries

  • Random
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Seaborn
  • Matplotlib
    • The Model Building Framework
    • Types of Machine Learning
      • Supervised
      • Unsupervised
      • Reinforcement

Supervised Learning


  • Linear & Non Linear
  • Correlation
  • Correlation Coefficient
  • R Square
  • P Value
  • Adjusted R Square
  • Hands on – Excel working

Supervised Learning


  • Introduction
  • Key terms in Logistic Regression
  • What is Entropy?
  • Logistic Regression Equation
  • Hands on – Excel Working

Unsupervised Learning


  • Introduction
  • Applications of Clusterin

Supervised Learning


  • Introduction
  • Association Rules
  • Key Definitions
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Hands on Case Study

Supervised Learning


  • Introduction
  • Key terms in Logistic Regression
  • What is Entropy?
  • Logistic Regression Equation
  • Hands on – Excel Working

Hands on Python

  • Code for Linear Regression
    • Hands on Case Study
  • Code on Logistic Regression
    • Hands on Case Study
  • Code on Market Basket Analysis
    • Hands on Case Study
  • Practice Session -1
  • Practice Session -2


  • Doubts Clearing Session -1
  • Weekly Assignments Submissions
  • Projects Report Submission
  • Project Presentations
  • Final Tests
    1. MCQ & MSQ 50 Questions
    2. Practical’s Hands- On
      1. ZOHO Analytics
      2. MS EXCEL


Week Topic Facilitator
2nd, 4th & 6th May, 0800 hours to 1000 hours Data Science Fundamentals Venkatesh & Tanvi
9th, 11th & 13th May, 0800 hours to 1000 hours Statistics & Mathematics Venkatesh
16th, 18th & 20th May, 0800 hours to 1000 hours Structure Query Language Prince
23rd, 24th & 27th May, 0800 hours to 1000 hours Zoho Analytics Venkatesh
30th May, 1st & 3rd June, 0800 hours to 1000 hours Python -I Tanvi
6th, 8th & 10th June, 0800 hours to 1000 hours Machine Learning & Artificial Engineering Venkatesh
13th , 15th & 17th June, 0800 hours to 1000 hours Python -II Tanvi
20th, 22nd & 24th June, 0800 hours to 1000 hours Final assessment , Project Presentation & Certification Industry Jury & Tathwamasi


Venkatesh Iyengar

An enterprising leader offering over 22 years of outstanding successful corporate experience with Coca Cola, Airtel, Vodafone & Samsung. He is a business translator and a Data Coach. Venkatesh holds a Masters degree in Management Studies & Master in Leadership Sciences from Mumbai University. He is pursuing his PhD in the area of Data Science from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. He is also pursuing his additional degree in Data Science from IIT Madras. Venkatesh has completed Certification programs in Analytics from IIM Calcutta & SPJIMSR, Mumbai

Tanvi Keswani
Advisory Board

Tanvi comes with vast experience in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning. Tanvi is a Senior Data scientist in SWVL, Dubai – UAE. She have over 5+ years of experience in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning. Worked on building end-to- end ML pipelines and creating ML products. Her love of technology has led her to graduate with a Masters in Data Science from IIT Kanpur. Core areas and expertise in predictive analytics, forecasting, anomaly detection, and text mining.

Prince Bhardwaj

Prince Bhardwaj is the national winner of TVS Credit Analytics EPIC Season 3. He has 4+ years of work experience in the area of IT services & Project Management with Tata Consulting Services. He believes in the power of programming is to transform and improve the lives of people around the world. Prince is passionate about making things as simple and easy with the help of data. His interests include Database Management, Business Intelligence and intends to pursue a career in the Data Science . He has been an intern with Tathwamasi for 6 months in 2020- 2021, currently completing his Masters in Business Analytics from Symbiosis MHRD, Pune.


The course was really helpful in getting to know the basics of data analytics and irked a bigger curiosity of delving into the world of data science which has become a huge part of business decisions in this day and age.

Nitish Warriar- MMS( 2020-22), Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), Mumbai,

Being from a non engineering background the course was very helpful as the subject allowed me to learn something very new. Still a lot of learn but it was a good beginning.

Saloni Mistry, MMS- (2020-22) Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, (JBIMS), Mumbai,

The Certificate in Data Analytics by Venkatesh sir and Tanvi Ma’am was simply amazing. The course takes you by hand and teaches you not only the theoretical aspects of Statistics like measures of central tendency and regression but also helps you in using these concepts in practical domains using Excel, Python, and ZOHO Analytics. I love the fact that the course is real-time where you can get all your queries resolved immediately by the instructors. This course is very well structured and so it’s easy to get inspired and implement the techniques to execute the domain tasks effortlessly and efficiently.

Nachiket Parab, Decision Analytics Associate at ZS Associates, Mumbai , BITS Pilani Alumnus,

I come from a non-technical background, the Data Analytics Course by Mr. Venkatesh and Tanvi ma’am helped me dive really easy in the world of Data and Data Analysis. Thank you both for making learning easy. –

Sourabh Chavan , MHRD (2019-21), Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), Mumbai,

I was a student of MMS 2018-20 batch at ADMI, Mr. Venkatesh K Iyengar taught us Business Analytics course in III semester. He has deep understanding in this area and made us understand each and every topic with great ease. His teaching methods were also effective as well as straightforward. He prepared the lectures as per company standards which made us corporate ready within lecture room only. It was a great experience to be his student.

Dimple Agarwal, Research Associate- IIM Nagpur, MMS - Batch(2018-20), Alkesh DInesh Modi Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai,

I would like to thank Prof. Venkatesh Iyengar sir for teaching me and my batchmates Google analytics course. I always found the subject very interesting so I decided to choose the subject in my last trimester as my 3.0 credit course. But I never knew that the course had so many things in it. I just had slightest idea on the subject but when it was taught by Prof. Venkatesh I learnt in-depth about the subject. Thank you so much sir for giving practical lessons and helping us to learn more about it through presentations and class room activities.

Sanya Qureshi (PGDM in Business Entrepreneurship from EDII. Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat),

Enrollment Fees


  • Study Materials
  • Hands on Training
  • Case Studies
  • Free Zoho Analytics Account
  • INR 7000 Per Participant
  • All Charges include GST@18%
  • GST – 27 AAKPI6954K1Z5

Duration & Format

  • 8 weeks l 45+ Hours
  • Live Hands On Sessions
  • Online – Zoom Platform
  • Mon |Wed |Fri

10:00 hours to 12:00 hours

Batch starting 2nd May, 2022

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