Data Audit & Gap Analysis

At Tathwamasi, our expertise lies in identifying the key gaps obstructing we help identify the growth and productivity of your organization.

Our Solution :

Data Audit is the first step towards ascertaining the data readiness of the organization.

Hence we provide a 2-day, on-premise, intensive workshop with each functional team. This is guaranteed in helping your organisation overcome:

  • Understand the organization’s structure and functions
  • Identify the current list of reports generated in each function
  • Identify the current softwares and platforms solutions used for data entry, data storage, data analysis and data reporting
  • Identify the key gaps in the each report generated in line with
    • Are all key matrices populated on the reports?
    • Segregate the reports into daily/ weekly/ monthly/ quarterly for each function
    • Identify gaps and missing matrices in each period of reporting
    • Identify process & nature of reporting: MS office, tools like Excel, PPT, Adobe, etc.
    • Are these data points visible and available across all functions across in the organization?
    • Showcase a dashboard of data points and matrices to the top Management. It is done through intensive discussions with concerned functional heads
    • Understand and learn the key priorities and objectives of each function in the organization. Translate it’s objectives to meaningful matrices for each function so as to tabulate and report
    • Decipher these matrices in the softwares available, if not, identify the gaps on how to source these matrices
  • Identify & document critical breaks in the data flow across functions basis the above
  • Prepare checklists in order to identify key software needs
  • Recommendations basis the industry and size of the business
  • Provide a detailed and implementable report to overcome the gaps
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