How Data Analytics Can Benefit The Education Sector?

As per the industry experts at Tathwamasi, Data Analytics can be extremely helpful for bettering the performance of the students. Depending on the study reports available in the last few years, the experts have been very much happy and satisfied with the outcomes of the reports and their consequences. Let’s dig deeper to know the actual impact of Data Analytics on the educational sector.

Virtual Discussion:

There is also an AI-based assessment virtual interaction platform that mimics definite personal interviews or interactions. It can be used to mechanically assess the body language of the students. A similar technique can be used in classrooms to examine who in the classroom is paying appropriate attention.

Judging Panels:

During the personal interviews of the students, the judging panel can assess the student’s performance at the admission test to find out if he/she has the potential to score better. They may also record absentee rates to assess how it affects the performance of the students using that model.

Statistical Models:

Data Analytics can be extremely productive when it will be used to forecast the grades of students in the class. Depending on the certain parameters gathered from various sources, if the model generates that a student is likely to get a poor CGPA then it can generate a warning and send it to the instructor with a message that the student would need to work more to obtain the desired marks. It can always help the teachers know that a student is weak in a particular subject. It can help the teachers to find out better study plans and make them implement them accordingly.


Teachers may influence the students through the use of cloud technology to have the best admission to knowledge material for students. The knowledge can also encourage independent learning and students can take possession of their learning and learn from even hours outside of educational institutions. The leading universities use a proper tool called E2Coach that automatically sends the students individualized performance in various courses.

Drop-out Rate:

A large number of students in all parts of the world leave schools and colleges due to numerous reasons. Predictive models support in evaluating the risks of the student dropouts using data analysis and in turn help in taking protective measures against it.

So, you see the possible impact of Data Analytics on the modern education sector. The experts at Tathwamasi are very much sure about getting extended advantages in the same segment in the time to come.

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