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Zoho provides ( SAAS) software as a service on a single cloud platform with all applications needed to run a business big or small entirely from the cloud. It has a suite of over 40+ applications from CRM solutions, Email management, Finance, HR, Analytics to application building software, Zoho Creator. The company is valued at 1.6 billion USD as of 2019. It’s a privately held company. The total workforce is about 9300 globally with 12 offices. The Indian workforce is about 8800.

ZOHO is the largest SaaS player in the country.  Apart from Zoho.com, Zoho Corp has two other divisions: The telecom network software division WebNMS, which the company began with, and the Manage Engine division, which started around 2003, which builds software for companies to monitor and manage their own IT networks. The company also has Zoho University. Started in 2005, this informal university has trained more than 300 students over the last decade, most of whom are now Zoho employees.


Zoho.com is an unique and powerful suite of software to run your entire business, brought to you by a company with the long term vision to transform the way you work. The Zoho.com portfolio comprises 50+ apps today and is growing rapidly. “It is the broadest and the deepest cloud suite, No one else, not Microsoft, not Google, offers anything like the breadth and depth that Zoho.com offers.  ZOHO has customers who have 80 percent of their business running on Zoho. The customer base is over 100,000, which translates to 18 million users in 122 countries.

Zoho Analytics is an online reporting and business intelligence service that helps you to easily analyse your business data and create insightful reports & dashboards for informed decision-making

“The broader vision is that Zoho is the operating system for work. Anyone who has any work to do, we want them to come to Zoho,” he said. “As proof, we offer ourselves. Everything at Zoho Corp runs on this software, including this presentation,” he pointed out at the press conference. Reporters could log into Zoho and follow a link that opened each slide of the presentation on their laptops or smartphones, and they could type out questions within the app, which would immediately appear on the presenter’s smartphone.

Tathwamasi & Zoho Analytics 

Tathwamasi inc is one of the first pure play data analytics partners for Zoho Analytics  in India. Our team is committed to our Zoho Analytics implementation to all customers and enterprises both on premise as well as cloud based platforms.

Zoho Analytics is an incredibly  advanced self-service AI-powered BI – Zoho Analytics 5.0 to the public. Crafted and moulded with 60+ new features to empower every business at every stage of BI workflow.

●    Comprehensive AI-Powered Data Preparation

      • You can integrate, model, clean, and enrich data from inside Zoho Analytics using our all-new and very own AI-powered advanced self-service data preparation service, Zoho Data Prep. This integration vastly improves the ETL (extract-transform-load) capabilities of Zoho Analytics.

●     Explore Data with Augmented Analytics

      • As you know, Zoho Analytics is augmented deeply with AI/ML features. We are adding a lot more features to enhance your experience.

●     Zia Insights

        • Our smart assistant Zia takes augmented analytics (analytics assisted by AI) a notch higher. Now, Zia provides automatic insights, in easy-to-understand narratives, to facilitate your decision-making.
        • Zoho Analytics provides a Chatbox, where you can have a more immersive and meaningful conversation with Ask ZIA

●     Enhanced Forecasting

        • You can now choose the forecast model that best suits your requirements, from the available four models – Exponential Smoothing, Seasonal Trend Loess Decomposition, Regression, and ARIMA.

●     Sentiment Analysis

          • Zoho Analytics supports sentiment analysis, a branch of Cognitive Analytics. This feature automatically gauges your data sentiment and creates a sentiment column in your data tables.
          • Currently, this feature is available only in Twitter Pages and Twitter Competitors’ business app connectors.

●     Windowing, Granularity & Other Functions

        • We have brought in more features to functions. In windowing functions, we now support Map Groupby, ignore filters, running total, and rank in aggregate formulas. In granularity functions, we now support include, exclude and filter functions.

●     Reimagine Data Storytelling

        • Data Storytelling is about delivering consumable insights through familiar, everyday business workflows, thereby increasing the adoption of insights. With Zoho Analytics Data Storytelling capabilities, you can craft beautiful presentations, or set up purpose-built high-quality analytical portals for sharing insights.
        • Crafting Presentations – Advanced Slideshow
        • Craft immersive presentations, blending visualizations created in Zoho Analytics, using Zoho Show, our online presentation service.

●    Analytics Portal

        • Setup purpose-built analytics portal/microsite embedding reports and dashboards along with other web elements.

●     Visualizations in Zoho Analytics gets a lot cooler

        • The data visualizations list in Zoho Analytics is getting bigger with a set of cool new visualizations coming in.

●     Security

        • Cooperate securely with teams and provide fine-grained permissions to ensure users can only access the data intended for them.
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