Released in 2009, Zoho Analytics is the most trusted BI constituent of the Zoho business suite. With Zoho Analytics, the users/vendors or businesses aim at providing combined and augmented business analytics to their customers. It supplies a number of diverse connectors to data sources that the users can integrate in a central data model design. It is used by business users. Prominent business connectors for various Zoho & non-Zoho apps are able to identify and map table relationships automatically. It can further create domain and cross-domain models. Furthermore, it trains users to create sample reports using individualized dashboards to pace up implementations for analytics.

Key features :

Comprehensive AI-Powered Data Preparation

  • You can integrate, model, clean, and enrich data from inside Zoho Analytics using our all-new and very own AI-powered advanced self-service data preparation service, Zoho Data Prep. This integration vastly improves the ETL (extract-transform-load) capabilities of Zoho Analytics.

Explore Data with Augmented Analytics

  • Zoho Analytics is augmented deeply with AI/ML features. We are adding a lot more features to enhance your experience.

Zia Insights

  • Our smart assistant Zia takes augmented analytics (analytics assisted by AI) a notch higher. Now, Zia provides automatic insights, in easy-to-understand narratives, to facilitate your decision-making.
  • Zoho Analytics provides a Chatbox, where you can have a more immersive and meaningful conversation with Ask ZIA

Enhanced Forecasting

  • You can now choose the forecast model that best suits your requirements, from the available four models – Exponential Smoothing, Seasonal Trend Loess Decomposition, Regression, and ARIMA.

Sentiment Analysis

  • Zoho Analytics supports sentiment analysis, a branch of Cognitive Analytics. This feature automatically gauges your data sentiment and creates a sentiment column in your data tables.
  • Currently, this feature is available only in Twitter Pages and Twitter Competitors’ business app connectors.

Windowing, Granularity & Other Functions

  • We have brought in more features to functions. In windowing functions, we now support Map Group by, ignore filters, running total, and rank in aggregate formulas. In granularity functions, we now support include, exclude and filter functions.

Reimagine Data Storytelling

  • Data Storytelling is about delivering consumable insights through familiar, everyday business workflows, thereby increasing the adoption of insights. With Zoho Analytics Data Storytelling capabilities, you can craft beautiful presentations, or set up purpose-built high-quality analytical portals for sharing insights.
  • Crafting Presentations – Advanced Slideshow
  • Craft immersive presentations, blending visualizations created in Zoho Analytics, using Zoho Show, our online presentation service.

Analytics Portal

  • Setup purpose-built analytics portal/microsite embedding reports and dashboards along with other web elements.

Visualizations in Zoho Analytics gets a lot cooler

  • The data visualizations list in Zoho Analytics is getting bigger with a set of cool new visualizations coming in.


  • Cooperate securely with teams and provide fine-grained permissions to ensure users can only access the data intended for them.

Why Zoho Analytics?

Zoho comes up with some unique benefits that every user must know before availing of the services.

Zoho Analytics is a reporting and analysis tool that targets at helping business users. With individualized dashboards, over 76% of Zoho Analytics businesses use the product for almost equal portion of users. About a third of all users of Zoho Analytics come from management, while one fifth came from IT, and 10% from finance, and a further 10% from other domains.

  • Visually Analyze Data
  • Access any Data
  • Deeper Analysis
  • Forecast
  • Share and Collaborate
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