Build ethical and transparent relationships with our customers, and use data – which is the purest form of the truth – to offer practical solutions and transform growing companies into data-driven organizations.

We have been a dedicated service to carry out research work that we do to gather various data-based information. We offer extensive services to conduct research of all types that our clients look for.

Market research has developed some dedicated search models that are based on the knowledge and a wide range of works conducted in the past. All these research models are applied to find out and develop an understanding of a specific industry by using a number of recognized research methods. These research models help the client to do research in a better and more meaningful manner and to get a real plan of action.

If a company is launching a new product in the market or picking up a proper media vehicle for promotions and advertising or may be supporting and evaluating several aspects of brands like brand image, brand equity, it’s health tracking study, monitoring shopping habits to internal and outdoor customers gratification survey, Market search Pvt ltd undertakes research study by using recognized research practices. Tathwamasi has been a premier provider of services related to market research and consulting in India.

Objectives of Conducting A Market Research:  

Though various agencies for conducting research work have their customized needs or requirements, Tathwamasi has its own reasons for conducting market research for its clients. Have a look at some of the chief reasons for conducting research!

  • Recognize and classify potential and new customers
  • Comprehend existing customers
  • Set realistic and achievable goals
  • Develop prolific market strategies
  • Find the business challenges
  • Research to find the best business expansion plan
  • Classify new business opportunities

Tested Tips To Conduct a Meaningful Research:

  • Identify the chief trends and opportunities, issues, and problems you find.
  • Track of how often each of these findings appears
  • Make a list of findings from the most common to the least common
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis
  • Prepare conclusions and recommendations
  • Act on the strategies
  • Finding partial or unfinished factors and do additional inquiry if needed
  • Review the results and then dissect results for interpretation

At Tathwamasi, we complete all necessary formalities to conduct the best research procedures and then come up with the finest results.
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