With numerous companies coming up with their digital transformation initiatives, there’s been a huge flow in the implementation of data analytics. Big data acceptance augmented from a mere 17% in 2015 to 59% in 2018 – a consistent increase in just three years.

Data analytics has an approximately immeasurable number of uses and can help SMEs to become keener, more prolific, and more well-organized. And when used correctly, it can create visible advantages, while boosting both conversions and revenue.

Impact of Data Analytics for SMEs: 

  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning Is Getting More Exposure
  • Use Of Dar Data
  • Understanding Demographics
  • Cost Per Client
  • Catering To Periodic Stresses
  • Keeping Tabs On Competitors
  • Improving Offerings of Small Business


SaaS Startups in “The Unicorn Club”

There are approximately one thousand funded SaaS companies in India that are operating from various places in the country. Around ten of them are valued at over $1 billion to achieve the premium ‘Unicorn’ status.

The top 10 SaaS unicorns In India are ZOHO, Icertis, Freshworks, Druva, Chargebee, HighRadius, BrowserStack, Zenoti,  Postman, and Innovaccer.

The following are the two prominent SaaS startups that were upgraded to “The Unicorn Club” in 2021.


A Chennai-based subscription management platform, Chargebee became the tenth unicorn of 2021, after raising $125 Mn in its Series G funding round at a valuation of a whopping $1.4 Bn.


Software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup BrowserStack is another unicorn in 2021. It has been successful in raising its worth to $200 Mn in Series B funding. Post funding, BrowserStack reached a valuation of $4 Bn. The funding round made BrowserStack the ninth Indian SaaS startup to join the unicorn club and also makes it the highest valued SaaS firm in the country.

Case Study

Decision Making with Analytics- Emperor Akbar “Spice it up My Way”

A brand of Samex India Pvt. Ltd, Emperor Akbar Cardamom is the only brand of authentic, GI tagged Alleppey Green Cardamom from India.

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