In the modern world, the significance of Data Literacy is increasing almost every day. It is the ability to read, utilize, analyze, and communicate with data. It is an essential skill that allows all levels of users to ask the questions of data and machines, add more to their knowledge, make decisions, and then communicate with others. The extensive utilities of Data Literacy can be enriched further by conducting further by various processes, including Learning, Unlearning, Business decisions, etc.

Getting a TIDAR score can be a major thing before you move further with your understanding about Data Literacy. It plays a significant role in the financial practices as CIBIL score does to financial literacy and financial planning. For better and safe utilization, you must get the right TIDAR score by answering the TIDAR questionnaire.

Tathwamasi has been a premium place that you can visit to get the TIDAR score. With us, you just need to pay a nominal fee of 49 INR. We allow every customer to make the payment through login and payment gateway. The score will be delivered to the registered email address of the customer.

Our experts will always be at your service with suggestions and everything that you would like to know about your TIDAR Score.

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