What are the Key Barriers to SMEs for Adoption of Data Analytics?


Data analytics has been very useful for all businesses irrespective of their size, turnover, and strength. Many businesses from all over the world have been largely benefited from this application. Though bigger organizations get better advantages of data analytics, the start-ups and SMEs cannot be left behind. Actually, SMEs and other such companies can equally get the advantage of data analytics. But, these organizations often fail to get the benefits as they encounter some barriers that prevent them from adopting Data Analytics, and hence, they are left behind.

Here, we take a quick look at a few prominent barriers that actually work against the interests of these SMEs and start-ups:

Inadequate Understanding of Data Analytics:

While businesses want to use the strength of data analytics, they must have a clear idea of what data analytics is. The SMEs often do not have enough knowledge about the technicalities related to this and that is why they are often unable to get the maximum advantages that they usually deserve. To get the right advantages, the businesses must get expert services to know, understand, and utilize the same to get the advantage.

Inadequate Space for Data Storage:

Having insufficient data storage capacity is a big problem with the small and medium-sized companies. It mostly happens due to the fact that their systems are not fully digitized. It is, indeed, a big barrier that stops these SMEs from getting the best advantages of using data analytics for themselves. As a result of that, the businesses often fail to maintain a healthy relationships with their clients.

Inability to Meet the Up-Front Investment:

Usually, businesses need to upgrade their infrastructural setup to make use of data analytics for themselves. Investing that amount is easier for the bigger organizations, but works like a big barrier for the SMEs. Due to this, these companies often lag behind as they cannot make the required investment to get the advantage.

Unavailability of Skilled Data Analytics Professionals:

Usually, appointing data analytics professionals demands a large sum of money that the SMEs often fail to invest. Alternatively, they cannot reach the agencies that have superior specialists who are either expensive to hire or are not available as per their needs or demands. Here, the SMEs should prefer reaching the experts in Data Analytics at Tathwamasi as the company dedicates its expert services to tackle this situation well. It is a facility that SMEs can avail to ensure they can also avail the advantages that Tathwamasi comes up with.

Apart from these, the SMEs also suffer from the situation that is caused due to their inability to get the right software. It is a big issue that literally prevents the potential SMEs from getting the right advantages that they deserve or need at the most. The Data Visualization & Analytics champions at Tathwamasi are very much keen to bring the SMEs the opportunity to do well so that they can grow well too using the power of data analytics. So, don’t waste time any longer and get in touch with the experts without wasting a moment!

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