The result of this alignment is keeping the focus on work and not on what sick leave policy is applicable. Check out our employee handbook template to see an example. When handling customer complaints listen to what the customer is saying. Take advantage of the fast search and powerful cloud editor to produce an accurate Whataburger Paperless Employee. We will also capture session related information. Keep a small red envelope near the cash drawer for meal receipts, coupons, voids and discounted transactions. Below are some other regulations on the staff discount: Police officers that are on duty and in uniform receive one coffee, fountain drink or steeped tea at a 100% discount. A customer MUST show matching photo ID to retrieve a credit card that has been left behind. /CreationDate (D:20210323102800+02'00') Is your Handbook? You should not use a password, access a file or retrieve any stored communication without authorization. Many of these are included in our free employee handbook template. These behaviors are serious enough to be considered grounds for immediate dismissal regardless of whether or not prior disciplinary actions have occurred. Joining the Whataburger family means taking on new challenges and potentially earning a six-figure salary at the Operating Partner level. Use courtesy and common sense to solve a problem. . /SMask /None>> Mistake food will be disposed of properly by store management. Trello. If you have concerns about your pay, please speak only with your Manager about it. All employees are required to maintain high standards relating to personal hygiene including regular bathing. This includes but is not limited to, outdoor areas such as parking lots, dumpster or freezer areas and areas near entrance or exit ways. Please do not bring valuables to work. Only employees that are appropriately authorized for company purposes may use the internet or access additional software. If you are unable to provide medical documentation, immediate termination may result. considered one of the most respected brands and well-run companies in the industry. Details about the employee. Updated medical certification will be required upon request. Whataburger maintains the strict policy of all employees must wash their hands before beginning to work. /Creator ( w k h t m l t o p d f 0 . Most handbooks lack a balance between culture and policy. /ca 1.0 Whataburger Employee Reviews about "night shift" Updated Jan 18, 2023. Leave for a newborn child, adopted or foster care placement of a child must be taken within twelve (12) months after the qualifying event occurs and must be taken all at one time. Our restaurant managershave the potential to make up to $60,000 a year and also receive health, dental and vision benefits, paid vacation, 401(k), and training to move up! Please also notify your Manager or Supervisor as soon as possible. I am having the same issue. Set the tone: positive, collaborative with an emphasis on clear communication. Show passionate gratitude every day for our Whataburger Family Members and Guests. Blending policy and the vibrancy of your company culture should be your goal. It also creates the possibility of contamination to our system via viruses or spyware. If you did not give notice for days off or a change in your availability, then we assume that you are available to work. Orange means we take PRIDE in our work, we take CARE of each other. 1.1 In the ordinary course of providing services to its clients, CIC Plus receives personal information from its clients about their current and former employees. As an employee you may receive a benefit of up to 50% discount for one meal which takes effect 15 minutes before your shift, during your break and expires 15 minutes after your shift. If you are interested in advancement opportunities or would like to know how to become qualified for advancement, talk with your Manager. In some circumstances discounting may apply to some purchases. Heres a detailed list of content you should consider. /Type /ExtGState Whataburger. Paid time off is based on your tenure and position with the company and follows the chart below: Please be in your uniform ready to work at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled shift. Share thoughts, feelings and rationale early and often. Talk to your Manager or the Human Resource Manager for more information. For employees hands to be properly washed they must first turn on the hot water and rinse their hands, next they will apply 2-3 squirts of soap and lather between 20-30 seconds making sure to clean under the nails. Ask most anyone who has been a member of our family, What makes you love it here?. Termination- If corrective actions outlined in prior corrections and disciplinary measures are not adhered to, the employees relationship with the company will be separated. The button will be replaced as soon as possible. The purpose of the evaluation is to communicate your job performance and to assess your development. From time to time the contents of the employee handbook will be reviewed and amended as a result of legislative or business related changes. /Type /XObject No oral statements, promises or contracts regarding the terms and conditions of your employment are valid. First Written Warning- This is a written notification that a serious infraction or performance issue has occurred or that corrective action required in a previous verbal warning has not been performed. After six (6) consecutive months of employment, the company covers a portion of the cost of the health care plan. At-will employment means that an employer can fire an employee for any reason (as long as its not an illegal reason!) Employees may be eligible to a 50% meal discount on one meal beginning 15 minutes before their shift and ending 15 minutes after their shift. You will need a valid email address and your Employee ID in addition to other personal information as part of the registration process. The high-level impact on employers is that there is more to communicate.If you have employees in multiple states, be sure your handbook includes policies relevant to those locations. These emails are prohibited and sending or forwarding non-business related emails will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. While difficult to define, it may include unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature such as uninvited touching or sexual comments. For this reason, you should park in areas designated by your manager. Save the document or print out your copy. w !1AQaq"2B #3Rbr endobj 2.2 When a user creates an account, we also maintain information that allows us to authenticate the users identity. Any employee found to have retaliated against another employee for having reported harassment prohibited by this policy, may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Our culture of PRIDE, CARE & LOVE The brilliance of Orange, our signature color, shines through each and, every Whataburger Family Member. Forms, Real Estate Similarly, What does Whataburger fry their fries in? << USLegal has been awarded the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award 9 years in a row as the most comprehensive and helpful online legal forms services on the market today. As noted previously, any unused earned paid time off must be exhausted before the unpaid leave begins. We hope you will find your employment to be a time of personal and professional growth. Attendance and tardiness are tracked according to the following policy guidelines: Unplanned Absences or Tardiness for Reasons other than Personal Illness. /Filter /DCTDecode The goal is to set clear expectations for your team. Employees should never at any time place company funds in his/her pocket. Benefits. If you participate in the program, we will purchase shoes for you and pay 50% of the cost up to $17.00. April 1, 2021, 8:10 PM PDT / Source: TODAY. sidang parlimen terkini 2021. 1 0 obj A "serious health condition" would not include voluntary or cosmetic treatment that is done on an outpatient basis and that is not medically necessary or routine preventative physical exams. UpvoteDownvote. Cell phones are not permitted on your person or accessible while you are working. Please note that these discounts are not a right but a privilege and they can be revoked by Management at any time. 4. Join. Adhere to our easy steps to have your Whataburger Application Pdf well prepared quickly: Take advantage of the quick search and innovative cloud editor to create a precise Whataburger Application Pdf. All employees are required to wear the prescribed uniform for their position, Shirts must be tucked in at all times (except for maternity shirts), All visors and caps must be worn front-facing, A maximum of 2 service pins may be worn at one time. There are a few managers that I get along with incredibly great and i actually enjoy my job with working with these select few managers. endobj This is not an exhaustive list but provides a sampling of the types of behavior considered to be a violation of the Code of Conduct. Close cash drawer after each transaction. Internet use on company time is authorized to conduct company business only. Its time to include that mission statement and personally address the people who make the company function. Recipients will receive a non-renewable $5,000 scholarship to be used for tuition, fees, books, supplies and housing for the 2022-2023 academic school year. Its a little thin on some details but an interesting example. What you really want is a few signatures indicating receipt and acknowledgment of 1) the whole handbook 2) the harassment and discrimination policies. If you are interested in enrolling in the health plan, please speak to your Manager as soon as possible. Netflix focuses on 10 core values that are laid out in easy-to-digest bullet points on its publically available culture page. No high heels or open toes will be permitted. Login Page - . Thus comments, jokes, slurs, epithets, pictures or graffiti about race, age or disability, to name just a few, are also prohibited. Click on Done to confirm the alterations. Often people use the word harassment to describe conduct far beyond the scope of this policy, things such as personality conflicts, disagreements, performance counseling and evaluations, etc. file Whataburger Employee Handbook Book Free Download PDF at Our eBook Library. Distribute immediately towards the recipient. If you cannot work your shift for any reason other than a personal illness, you must notify your Manager at least 4 hours prior to the start of your shift. Adhere to our easy steps to have your Whataburger Application Pdf well prepared quickly: Pick the web sample in the catalogue. 1. ?L =A {\WR 6[q TC1m=?}s_ne'qAM) v#p?WY F{L K:PqGisg4Or.{wd7+*X*3\pCt!KHIz[$I'> ]I=y?4(JIsh}f?U!t28b?}2A't$ SAN ANTONIO, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On the heels of what has been an incredibly hard year, Whataburger has awarded more than $90 million in bonuses to . Whataburger employees generally work 8.6 hrs a day. Exceptions and accommodations to this policy will be made for bona fide religious or medical purposes only, Verbal Warning- This will document the problem, point out specific actions for improvement and explain further disciplinary actions that are possible if the problem does not improve. September 24, 2020 at 5:01 p.m. EDT. Clear away the routine and produce paperwork on the internet! The purpose of an Equal Opportunity Employer Statement is primarily to prevent employers and hiring managers from bringing personal bias into their hiring decisions. New York State law prohibits a food service worker from wearing nail polish while handling food. Employees will learn many of these expectations while on the job. Forms of unlawful harassment that are included in this policy are inappropriate comments or conduct related to a persons race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, national origin, age, disability or any other personal characteristic protected by law. A more detailed description of this program will be provided separately. It is our goal to provide you with a safe and healthy work environment. Service, Contact We provide an employee handbook template for every kind of company. Miranda Holdings FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act). and we look after one another. Failure to return to work on the first regularly scheduled workday following the expiration of the leave will be considered an unapproved absence and may result in termination of employment. Theft of any kind (cash or food) will result in immediate dismissal. whataburger-employee-handbook-pdf 1/2 Downloaded from on February 22, 2023 by guest Whataburger Employee Handbook Pdf If you ally habit such a referred whataburger employee handbook pdf book that will come up with the money for you worth, acquire the totally best seller from us currently from several preferred authors. They should be placed on the shirt collar, A store front apron may be worn in the soup and sandwich area and in the dining room for cleaning. Be modest, unassuming and straightforward. There should be no additional handling of any money once each transaction is complete. Disciplinary action taken against misconduct will generally follow the progressive discipline policy. Waxies are used to handle donuts, muffins and other items, which are easily packaged. There are many positions that contribute to the success of our company. founder, Harmon Dobson: to serve a What-a-burger! experience every time, no matter your role. Cash must never be left unattended and should be kept in a secured/locked location until deposited. Now earn 10 points for every $1 spent on all online orders and scans. Asked December 13, 2020. 2. Suggested Username: Full first name + first initial of last name + last 4 digits of SSN (Example: JohnS3310). 1 Taipei City Hotel Guidance for Coronavirus Disease 2nd Edition Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government June 23, 2020 The handbook will be revised on a rolling basis in accordance with the epidemic situation and other situations $4%&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz ? Conduct of this nature has no place in our working environment. Employees who have worked for the Company for at least twelve (12) months and at least 1,250 hours during the prior twelve (12) months may take up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid FMLA leave for the following reasons: The 12-month period is defined by Miranda Holdings as a rolling 12-month period measured backward from the date a team member uses any leave covered under the provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act. Do not work the sandwich station with only one glove. It will also help protect the company from legal issues. Before accepting any bill larger than $20, use a counterfeit pen on both sides of the bill, check for the watermark or strip; and check the shirt for ridges. Anyone arriving to work without a complete, proper and clean uniform will be asked to clock out and go home to change. I understand that our Company has the right at anytime and from time to time, without prior notice, to modify or discontinue in whole or in part any employee benefit plan, to make the same wholly or partly contributory or discontinue without prior notice, in whole or in part the employee benefit package. If you offer health insurance, its usually a good idea to acknowledge this in your handbook but refer your team to the insurance provider to explain the nuances. I acknowledge receipt of this Employee Handbook, and understand that my continued employment constitutes acceptance of any changes that may be made in content or application of the Handbook. Not give any free food or product unless you are expressly authorized to do so by a management team member. To ensure compliance with this policy, the company may monitor computer and email usage. Your employment may qualify you, your children or grandchildren to apply for a Tim Hortons scholarship. The user-friendly drag&drop interface allows you to include or move fields. These requests should be submitted not later than 3pm on the Monday two weeks prior to when you need off. Holiday exception: Any shifts that are missed on holidays or holiday weekends require medical documentation before returning for your next shift. [2020] Over 100 key dates and reminders to help you navigate business and HR compliance. Employee Handbook - Staff (August 2020) ABOUT THE UNIVERSITY Working at the University of Chicago is a unique and enriching experience. Employees are evaluated on an annual basis by their immediate managers. However, with our pre-built web templates, things get simpler. VISION: Be known for great food and extraordinary hospitality in every community we serve by going the extra mile to win our Customers' hearts every time. We also have a drop off cleaning service for your shirt and pants which we provide. While we strive to provide an injury free workplace, we recognize that injuries may occur. Es Cuaresma y Whataburger lo sabe: El Whatacatch, est de regreso! Your Manager will make every effort to accommodate the days off that you need; however, a request off is not a guarantee. RefNow can help you verify past or present employment at Whataburger. Spicing Things Up: Whataburger Buffalo Ranch Chicken Lineup Returns for a Limited Time, Get Ready for More Bold Flavors: Whataburger is Growing in Memphis, Whataburger Celebrates One Year of Delicious Dining in Colorful Colorado, MyWhataburger If you are injured at work, get first aid immediately if necessary. It is strongly recommended that you check the schedule in person or online. Employee W 2 pdf free Open the PDF directly: View PDF PDF . <iframe src=""GTM-PT7B4XL"height="0" width="0" style="display:none;visibility:hidden"></iframe> /CA 1.0 Motley Fool This handbook does a great job of laying out company benefits and policy, in a way that, well, to quote the Fool, doesnt make your eyes glaze over. This company did a good job summarizing employee benefits and policies while keeping the handbook welcoming and light-hearted. Discussing your rate of pay is discouraged. employee handbook 2020-2021 EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK i MISSION: Show passionate gratitude every day for our Whataburger Family Members and Guests. PURPOSE/PERSONALITY: Whataburger is a good friend by your side. What is Whataburger's dress code. When you join Whataburger, you join our family. A signature page at the end of the document is ok, but not great. If at anytime you would like additional feedback on your performance, you can speak with your Manager. To be equitable in providing correction when there is a violation or problem with performance, we have a progressive discipline policy. {>&"181 _1)ecH7n>H~xqJxz]:6Bc$|LQ?4&Rj79>xttUTs)?T"@B o3_=bEwDF = '_6ec [47'EI. /SA true Once posted the schedule is final. 2.3 When a user accesses our website, their IP address, browser, and device characteristics are collected automatically. The companys goal is to pay each employee fairly, accurately and on a timely basis. 4.1 CIC Plus uses and stores personal information only as needed to perform the specific services provided for in the agreement we have with each client. Gross misconduct as laid out in the Conduct portion of this handbook will describe some actions that can lead to immediate dismissal regardless of whether or not previous warnings have occurred. Improperly discounting a purchase or unauthorized use of Manager code may lead to termination for theft. Please do not post or alter any of the notices posted on the bulletin board. To ensure the use of work time appropriately, the company asks staff members to minimize internet usage. They are intended to simplify, expectations and help prioritize work. Full-time, Part-time . Whataburger Feeding Student Success Scholarships will be awarded to 100 students planning to attend a college, university, and not-for-profit vocational school across Whataburger's footprint. Dont forget that updates to the handbook require updated acknowledgments. What you believe is a harmless joke may be greatly offensive to someone else and it will be the offended partys opinion and not yours that will be weighted in determining whether or not harassment has occurred. If you fail to clock in or out for any part of your shift, you must complete and sign a Time Card Authorization form and notify your Manager immediately. If you are ever approached by a Guest with an allergen concern, you should never attempt to give allergen information. Whataburger is now 70 years old, and thanks to long-term investments in our people and our company, were. It is the companys policy to pursue prosecution whenever there are grounds to do so. Paperless Office | Keste Our state browser-based blanks and crystal-clear recommendations remove human-prone errors. Please contact your Manager or the Human Resource department for details and eligibility requirements. Storefront uniform consists of: pants, visor, shirt/blouse, black belt, hairnet, nametag and slip resistant black shoes. You may purchase these shoes on your own or participate in our Shoes For Crews program. $X7l(L@@O1 ?-ORO{tl8^?]~E%vsQ| The card issuer will be contacted and the card must be stored in the safe until instructions are received from the card issuer. Beard nets may be provided if they are available. 13. Gum chewing or consuming beverages are not permitted in view of customers. The amounts pulled/counted must be recorded appropriately. Please be sure to date the request and provide the day and date that you need off. In the event that a customer leaves a credit card behind, the card must be given to a management team member immediately. The toll free number is posted on all allergen signage and on the back of the Nutrition Guide. With employees working many different shifts, it's one of our best ways to communicate with each other. You can get one copy for free in the application you just submitted to work in Whataburger. Texas Personal Injury Handbook - Nick Roberts 2020-02-21 Texas Personal Injury Handbook provides insurance professionals, legal assistants, attorneys, and others in the eld of personal . Because of this there are special regulations that must be followed for all minor employees. These devices include, cell phones, pagers, music and media players, laptops, gaming devices, tablets, e-readers and personal digital assistants, All customers must pay when served. Get earlier access to your W-2 with reliable, touchless electronic delivery. Any monetary dispute involving a customer transaction must be handled by a Manager. Mar 31, 2021, 09:00 ET. This cash must be kept separate from American funds. Smoking or tobacco use is prohibited in the building or anywhere on the premises. The University of Chicago is one of the world's great intellectual communities with professional museums, theater s, concerts, and lectures. Ma'kiya Congious, 19, spoke at a press conference earlier this week. You can change your availability in the app through, if you need to. The term harassment has a particular legal significance; it is not intended to describe all workplace conflicts or disagreements. Emails that discriminate against employees by virtue of any protected classification including race, gender, nationality or religion will be dealt with according to the harassment policy. Dental benefits are also available to eligible employees. Whataburger brass notes that despite a global pandemic and a catastrophic, statewide freeze, employees (known as "family members") helped set record company performance numbers from March 2020 . You must stand in line to order your food and are not allowed to prepare your own purchase, All employee food must be consumed inside the store, The employee discount is for employees to buy food at work for themselves. I enjoy training new employees. We can't think of a better way to say thank you! Obviously, Whataburger . Paychecks are distributed on Fridays after 3pm. This includes but is not limited to, outdoor areas such as parking lots, dumpster or freezer areas and areas near entrance or exit ways. Describing a clear, actionable plan for what to do when an employee feels like they have been discriminated against or harassed is a must-have. Guide, Incorporation While it is important that you care for your uniforms, we are aware that uniforms do wear out after a period of time. These rules guide the way the company works and influence the organization's overall culture. I understand that no employee or representative of our Company, other than the Owners, has any authority to enter into an employment contract or to change the at-will employment relationship, or to make any agreement contrary to the foregoing. Immediately talk to your Manager and/or the Human Resource Manager. If notice is not given and a reasonable excuse is not provided, leave may be denied until the 30 day notice period has expired. If you have any questions or doubts about applying a discount, please contact your Manager. #1 Internet-trusted security seal. In such cases, a Manager or Supervisor should intervene. (KPRC) SAN ANTONIO - Whataburger has announced layoffs and furloughs at its corporate office and in field . Uniforms shirt tucked in with black shoes and pants. Showcase and explain your benefits! If they do not leave, call the police. Top buttons must be buttoned while working. Shoes must be slip-resistant, black with black soles. She developed her brand with a love of photography and . The register operator envelope must contain the following: *Initialed over-ring or refund receipts with 2 signatures and attached corresponding sales receipt.
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