Zoho Data Prep

Most business managers in any kind of business face some similar technical issues while they plan to arrange the business data before a sales meeting. In many cases, the mistakes are huge, and finding and correcting them can be an extremely tiresome and time-consuming task. These errors include repetition of the data, duplicate data, errors in inputting the data, and many more. Correcting such mistakes manually can be time-consuming to correct and that can be very laborious as well.

Zoho Data Prep is a tried and tested data preparation software that helps businesses or organizations to prepare their data by identifying the errors automatically. Furthermore, it discovers Data Patterns and does everything including enriching and transforming data without any type of hand-coding. It even helps in setting up the pipelines to sync prepared data to Zoho Analytics or to the dedicated data warehouses.

It is capable of managing all data even on a larger scale. The user can connect to this software from a variety of sources, including APIs, Databases, and various other business applications. The software is powerful enough to do everything on its own. It even suggests ways to improve the data quality. It has more than 250 built-in data transformations and functions to take care of your data. It is even capable of adding more perfection to your data using Sentiment Analysis, Language Detection, and even Keyword Extraction. It sends you an indication automatically once the data is ready to use. It does everything to make your data even more scientific and easy to collaborate with your internal team and use the data with a lot more confidence.

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